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Top 9 Everyday Exercises to Keep the Men Fit

Every man who is into workout follows some methodology or program and has some goals. Some aim to stay healthy, a few do for muscle building or fat loss, others do for improving athletic skills, and boosting stamina. No matter what the ultimate goal is, these are some everyday exercises that withstood time testing and benefit your body regardless of your exercise goals. If you want to extract the best out of your gym routine, consider adding the following everyday exercises into your routine.

1. Squats

Squats are versatile as you can do anywhere without any equipment. But the essential thing is that you do them correctly. Make sure you stand straight, having your feet at the same distance as your hips width while keeping your shoulder relaxed. Look in a forward position and keep your neck and spine aligned and put your arms erect at your front, on your hips. Squats strengthen your abdominal and hip muscles, thighs, and chest altogether. Repeat them slowly in a way that you were about to sit on a chair by placing your heels calmly on the ground and with a straight torso. Set your goal to do 8-12 repetitive cycles. Squats are beneficial and complete as it stimulates the cardiovascular system that makes you burn more fat and stay in shape.

Everyday Exercises

2. Lunges

The purpose of lunges is to gain agility and physical strength, to get a complete command of your body movement. Lunges are usually performed without any weight other than your body, but for variations, you can add dumbbells or a bar. However, it is not recommended for beginners.

Straighten your back and legs with extended arms at sides. Make your foot face the front, keeping your trunk erect. While making your knee touch the floor slightly. Gluteal force is responsible for moving the back leg in a forward position. It is essential not to take a break at any step rather take continuous walks. For making it more challenging, we recommend adding biceps curl movement with added weights. Repeat each set 8 to 12 times.

3. Cardio

Warming up your body to sweat up to 20-40 minutes on a treadmill might be the only kind of cardio you know. However, doing so does not have an apparent or immediate effect on your body’s metabolic rate. We recommend you to add other aerobic workouts like running or jumping, once you are done with aerobic exercise. It will not only elevate your activity to an intense level but will also boost your metabolism and calorie burning process.

Everyday Exercises

4. Irons

Iron is a complete workout as it keeps our body in constant tension. By experiencing isometric contractions, several muscle groups engage and gain strength at the same time. Mainly the abdominals, along with glutes, legs, back, and chest. Irrespective of the fact that you love or hate this exercise, practicing it will make your core strong. They work very well for spinal stability & relieving back pains.

All you have to do is to wear your workout top and approach the floor like you are doing flex by bending your elbows at 90 degrees & both of your forearms resting on the floor. It is recommended that the body is held straight from your head-top to the tip of your heels. Adding this to your workout session will align your body in a refined shape.

5. Yoga

Start with taking a deep breath. According to professional yoga doers, inadequate deep breathing leads to other health-related problems in the human body. For improving your breathing & flexibility, add yoga classes to your routine. While training yourself on deep breathing yoga will also make you stretch tight your unused muscles. Thus, reducing the risk of problems and inflammation resulting in lower back pain, tightness, and muscle tears.

6. Planks

Some people enjoy doing planks while the majority hates them as well. This sturdy activity strengthens the core muscles of your body. They work wonders for spinal stability & reducing back pains. All you need to do is wear your workout tank top and get low to the floor like you are going to do a pushup while bending your elbows at 90 degrees and keeping both forearms rest on the floor while keeping your body in a straight position. Initially, practice this as long as you can, then try beating that limit every day.

Everyday Exercises

7. Bodyweight resistance

Gaining muscle is not something that just bodybuilders do. While resistance training, you are gaining more and maintaining the existing amount of thickness in your body, known as bone mass density. This workout can easily be adjusted with your workout routine. This exercise requires no expensive equipment. An ordinary set of straps that can be carried easily in your bag will make you do arm chest presses, leg curls & core work anywhere you want. However, resistance training is not something that just men should do as it buys equal benefits for both genders.

8. Functional training

Research shows the beneficial effects of functional training on body coordination, strength, muscle mobility, and ease in performing chores for daily living. Functional exercises allow your body to train muscles that you rely on for everyday work like moping, mowing the lawn, laundry – like chest, your triceps, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Functional training develops the strength required for performing your routine jobs with ease.

9. Medicine ball slam

Medicine ball slams are amongst the excellent workouts for your upper torso’s plyometric training. It is designed to enhance and improve your all-around power & strength. Anybody who makes medicine ball slams a part of their workout program will develop an overall enhanced athletic performance, improved cardiovascular conditioning, and multidirectional core strength.

If you are a beginner and you have added these workouts to your program, this will benefit you in reaching your goals more effectively.

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