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Workout Routine

How to Develop an Effective Workout Routine

Building your effective workout routine can be fun and an equally challenging task. It demands consistency, devotion, motivation, and continuous tweaking. But the results are worth it.

While starting with a workout routine building journey, there are multiple variables that you must understand. A rewarding and effective workout is far more than the collective result of its parts. The ability to build muscle, burn fat, and improve physical fitness depends upon several factors. Before you start working out, go through the following steps to plan your ideal exercise routine.

Determine your goal

Whatever goals you want to accomplish, you need to have a clear insight into them. It is even better if you write them down. Working for a particular muscle, body part, or activity, and wanting for it to get improved is known as “The principle of training specificity”. It may seem basic but it is the foundation of effective workout training. If your goal is to gain more weight, then you must do explosive workouts. If the goal is to get stronger, then consider lifting heavyweights. If you aim to lose fat, then you must do respective exercises. There is no “one size fits all” plan.

Divide your workout days

Before starting the workout sessions, you need to know how often and when you hit the gym. The reason behind that is whether you are going to work out for three or lesser days per week. The most effective workout plan you should opt for is the total-body one. If you are willing to work four times or more than that per week, then you will have to break sessions to prevent overtraining. Consider splitting workouts as per body moments rather than the type of exercise. The most effective way is devoting at least 30 minutes each day and then increasing it gradually, depending upon your goal. Whatever workout you schedule, ensure that your body gets enough rest. Plan at least a single rest day per week, and also do not place two consecutive high-intensity weeks together as that way your body will not get the adequate time of healing itself.

Where are you willing to do exercise?

Where you do exercise largely determines your ultimate working goal. If you are a beginner we recommend you to start going to a gym in workout clothes because that will induce discipline and motivation.

A lot of people do not consider the overall layout and environment of the gym when selecting workout and protocols as well. If the gym you have chosen is usually busy, you will probably have to stick to a single piece of equipment at one time instead of rotating through circuits while ticking off gym fellows. So, you should select your gym after considering all these factors that can affect your routine and training.


Consistency in your training is one of the most significant factors for getting the reward. You will have to remain consistent for a longer period. That is why the first thing you should do is draft a plan that will keep you in the game. Even the best exercise program in the world is useless if you will not perform it. It means you need to make a plan that you can follow with comfort, not the best and most effective one to reach your goals. A good workout plan is a combination of activities and optimum rest. Less progress, Low motivation, unnecessary delays or break, and quitting workouts because of weather changes are only a backfire to reach your goals. Cope with all the factors that are laying you back and get yourself perfect gym wear for winter weather. You need to develop consistency in whatever plan you follow with progressive accountability to the exercises you do.

Chose set-rep-rest strategy

excercise - Lose Weight At Home

For deciding on the number of sets & reps of each exercise you should be doing, think a step back to the fitness goal you have set.

Is it the strength you wanted? then stick to low-rep, high-set schemes like six sets of 3 to 5 reps. If your main aim is losing fat, consider placing high-rep plans in your schedule such as three sets of 15-20 reps, it will work well. Generally, keep in mind, by decreasing the round of reps in each set, you will have to increase the amount of load you are lifting. Your resting schedule is entirely dependent on how much weight you have been lifting. Performing maximum or almost max lifts for single or two reps in each set will require 2-3 mins of rest up in between each set. However, 45-60 rest sec are enough for elevating your heart rate, muscle, and calorie burn as well.

Consider switching things up

To keep gaining the best of your workout, you will be required to switch things up regularly. Our bodies usually adapt to whatever tension and stress we apply to it in around 12- 14 weeks. So It is better if you switch up your workout routine after every 10-12 weeks to prevent plateauing. It does not mean that you necessarily have to throw out your whole workout routine, but doing the exercises with different equipment. You can do this by switching your set & rep scheme or altering the exercise variations you have been doing.

Challenge yourself

For seeing continued progress, your workout plan has to get more challenging over time. This means you will be required to increase the intensity of exercises, load weighing capacity, space of completion, and volume of all three of them as you move upward. But make sure you do not load all the physical activity on your body rather than increasing them gradually and slowly. Keeping a record of adequate recovery from previous workouts is the first step of doing this. Incorporating intense workouts fast enough for seeing more effects can induce injury and make you miss training days.

Make It happen

Motivational Fitness Tips

Building a workout routine within your capacity is a thing that you probably have not done before. Certainly, you will make errors on your way but that is an obvious thing even the most experienced trainers do. Do not let your lack of experience set you back. The only way to get better at this is by giving yourself a shot!

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