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Motivational Fitness Tips

10 Motivational Fitness Tips to Keep You Going

When motivation starts weaning, fall back on discipline to stay ahead, so goes the popular saying. “There are times when you feel like giving up. There are times when you think you are not moving ahead. This is exactly the time when you need to give a pep talk to yourself and keep going.”

Here are 10 motivational fitness tips to keep you going:

1. Set goals

It is very important to set specific goals to achieve the desired fitness. The goal can be as simple as losing two-inch flab from your waist. If you are into running, set your distance and speed. If you are into swimming, set your laps and the time. Remember; always set realistic goals, so that you can achieve them. If the goals are not achieved regularly, a person loses focus and interest. One has kept in mind that that good health is a lifelong journey with very few shortcuts. The key to peak fitness is consistency, open-mindedness towards new exercises, a nutritious diet, a positive outlook, mental balance, and a passion for a good life.

Motivational Fitness Tips

2. Set a training plan

There are thousands of ways to take on your fitness challenge. It can be gym personal training or outdoor fitness regimen. It can be a training plan for triathlon as well. Set daily goals and strive to achieve them. A well-structured plan will always boost your motivation and increase your chances of success.

3. Avoid overtraining

Never increase the duration or the intensity of your gym training on personal whims. Chances are you will lose interest and hurt yourself. The important aspect of personal training is a well-structured plan. Follow this mantra to keep your training on track.

Motivational Fitness Tips

4. Role models

Keep an eye on a training regimen that motivates and inspires you. Keep reminding yourself why you are following this training. If you are running a marathon for charity, keep thinking about the people for whom you are doing it. You can also find small reasons to go to the gym for personal training, like a special event in your life, a beach holiday, a wedding, or an anniversary. There is a sizeable section of people who work-out to stay healthy for their family or future family.

Young men and women these days want to pursue professions like military, firemen, and law enforcement. So, they train hard for a considerable amount of time before their selection. Many try to build a foundation physically and turn their weaknesses into strengths.

5. Keep a record

Your training or a gym workout daily is of little use if you are not keeping track of your progress. Make a checkbox training schedule, fill a logbook, write a diary or a blog of your daily gym visits. It helps to accurately measure your day-by-day progress.

6. Add variety

Ask your trainer to add variety to your training. Don’t just stick to the gym. Cross-training kills boredom, monotony, and dispels demotivation. A runner can work on a rowing machine, use a bike, go for a swim or do Pilates. It gives rest and avoids overuse of knees and ankles. Plus, it improves core strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

7. Buy good quality training gear

It is important to have good quality training wear for your gym workout. It should be comfortable and there is no harm if it looks good on you while training. It adds zing to your training and boosts motivation and performance.

8. Binge too

Fitness does not mean killing all desires and cravings. So, it is recommended to treat yourself once in a while. Once a week is okay. A particular food or a drink once in a while does no harm. It acts as a fuel to your gym personal training. A quick caffeine fix, or a Matcha, a powdered form of green tea is a great way of storing nutrients. Matcha is a storehouse of antioxidants and may protect against heart disorders and cancer. It helps in regulating blood sugar and blood pressure.

9. Use tracking devices

Global positioning systems, heart rate watches, and mobile phone applications can be a great way of monitoring your outdoor or indoor training. One does not need a personal trainer if you have an appropriate device. They are a useful tool in helping beat your previous performances.

10. Visualize

Visualizing future success is very important to stay in the race. The feeling of success motivates you to keep going and does not let the thought of giving up cross your mind. The floor-to-ceiling mirrors in a gym help to perfect your shape and form over a while. The mirror also tells how hard you are working to reach your goals. The sight of flexing muscles in skin-tight gear is a big motivation.

Motivational Fitness Tips

And a few more motivational fitness tips to boost your morale:

11. Buddy training

It also helps to buddy who will egg you on throughout your workout. When you think you can’t do it is your buddy who cheers and says you can do. A buddy encourages the partner to do extra and shares common values while pursuing similar goals. Group fitness is another fun option. It helps in understanding what others are doing and get new ideas. If you have positive, hard-working colleagues and friends around you, you want to follow their lead. If you see people living a healthy lifestyle around you, you also tend to those actions and it becomes a habit.

12. Keep changing your playlist

Keep loading your Smartphone playlist often. It keeps you in good mood for gym training. With your favorite songs playing, it is easy to achieve your daily goals. Encouraging words or the lyrics from a popular song, a mantra, a catchphrase, or a motto can do wonders for your self-belief.

13. Take breaks

Allow your body to recover before moving on to the next workout station. Also, in weight training, you should not work for the same muscle group before 48 hours. Often your body tells you things you may not want to hear. Sometimes, it pushes you out of your comfort zone. At other times, it might warn you to stop.

We hope you not only enjoyed going through this amazing collection of tips but would also keep them in mind next time you jump out of your comfort zone.

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